Tess Defence

TESS Defence was born as a clear example of industrial collaboration in the defense sector, with the firm objective of safeguarding Spanish strategic capabilities through the management of competitive programs that contribute to the national interest.

To this end, Indra Sistemas S.A., Santa Bárbara Sistemas S.A., Sapa Placencia S.L. and Escribano Mechanical & Engineering S.L., leading companies in the sector, have joined forces to form the company that manages the Program for the supply of 348 Wheeled Combat Vehicles (VCR8x8 Dragon) for the Spanish Army.

+ Mission

To guarantee the manoeuvring capacity to Fuerza 35 through the development and supply of the VCR8x8 Dragon, the integrated logistic support to the vehicle and the support to the evolution of the system.

+ Vision

TESS Defence aims to become the backbone company of the national defence industry in the land segment:

  • Conceptual design of systems of systems.
  • Integrated logistic support.
  • Capacity to mobilize resources to meet the Army’s demands.
  • Channel of participation of the national industry in international land programs.
+ Values
  • Long-term vocation:

    TESS Defence is not born limited to the scope of a single supply program. Its vocation is to exceed the limits of this program and to support the Army in the long term.

  • Commitment to National defence:

    TESS Defence intends to act as the backbone of the entire national land defence systems industry, beyond its own shareholders.

  • Agility:

    TESS Defence will maintain a very lean structure that allows it to make decisions and undertake projects quickly, relying on the resources of its shareholders and other partners.

  • Innovation:

    TESS Defence understands that the constant evolution of technology demands the rapid incorporation of new developments into products and systems serving the military and pays particular attention to innovation.

  • Collaboration:

    TESS Defence understands that the maximum benefits for national defence will only be obtained from collaboration with other national and international companies and with the Armed Forces themselves.